A Thirties Affair

By Brave Community Theatre (other events)

4 Dates Through Aug 18, 2018

The light hearted comedy plot revolves around Pauline, who tries to match up her divorced friend, Carla, with Jason, a friend of her husband, and happily discovers they both love old movies from the 1930s.  Resentful at being thrown together, Jason and Carla put on a show of disliking each other but secretly begin dating. Then Carla's ex, Daniel, returns from his "journey of self-discovery" wanting to reconcile. With Carla wavering in her affections, Jason retaliates by taking up with Cindy, a ditzy young actress.  Will the two movie lovers find their way to their own happy ending?

Mailing Address

Brave Community Theatre 18301 Cty Rd 5 Spring Valley, MN 55975